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  • Why do people have fetishes?

    Sex is a very complicated topic every one has craving for it but many times having simple old school sex just isn't enough. This is why often many people develop fetishes. If you think about it having the same old missionary sex can get extremely boring. For instance i personally had this huge fetish for muslim porn. Its not hard to understand why once you think about how conservative the muslim religion is and how difficult it is for these muslim women to express themselves sexually. When you add to it the fact that they also wear these clothes called "Hijab" or even better a "Niqab" it feels mystical while watching a girl give blowjobs in these attires. Just a few years ago Iran had a lot of porn stars who became quite famous online. They had to move out of their country due to continuous threats eventually though. All of this fear and concealed feelings only increased my fetish even more. Another fetish that a lot of people have is that of deepthroats. The feeling is entirely different when compared to normal blowjobs. Infact one cannot even compare deepthroats to blowjobs because they simply are superior. Gagging the girl with a dick is something everyone should experience in their lifetime atleast once in my opinion.

    Don't hold back your fetishes

    I am a firm believer of enjoying all aspects of life no matter how weird they might seem at first. A lot of fetishes might feel really difficult or even unethical but you got to ask yourself if not now then when? This is a question that never seems to cross anyones minds but its one of the most important questions of our life. Things such as fetishes almost revive us in a sense and gives us reasons to keep going on. With these pleasures of life there isn't much meaning. BSDM is a great example of this a lot of men wish to get dominated but they don't often speak about it because it dosent feel right and they think the role of the man is to dominate. This just isn't true. There are many cases when the woman can be more dominant than the man and if both of them wish to engage in it there is no point in thinking about the outside opinion while doing what you want in your bedroom.

    Why do people like hijab porn?

    Hijab porn has been recently blowing up there are many reasons for this but the main one that i can think of probably has to do with how popular mia khalifa became. The reason for popularization of this genre was that people wanted her dead. They didn't like it when a muslim woman of faith wanted to work in the porn industry. This obviously backfired because this became a fetish and now Hijab porn is one of the fastest growing fetishes.

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  • The Rise of SFM 3d porn

    3d CGI porn is on a rise, lets find out why.

    Animated porn is the future

    Ever since gaming was taken to new heights it also saw a parallel increase in the popularity of SFM porn sites like TypeSVCT. Many of these videos feature near realistic looking characters from popular games and anime movies which perform pornographic acts.Just a few years ago this technology was very low quality and mostly consisted of LQ blender graphics. However these days things have taken a nice turn.

    Where to find it?

    There are many sites to find these sites but the one mentioned above is one of the best in terms of quality and volume. Do note that these videos are made by some really talented arts which is what makes them really high quality. So if you like those works try to support them on patreon.